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    ADD:Hubei Shiyan Liuliping




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    1998  Company founded
    2007  Imported 2 lost foam process line and put into operation
    2009  Passed the TS/ISO16949:2002 quality management system.
    2011   Established cooperation with SANY, CUMMINS, DONGFENG, FAW.
    2013  Got the A degree supplier certification from HITACHI.

    Shiyan Zhiming Industrial & Development Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high profile casting, machining, molds and assembly products, etc. Featuring optimum combination of price and performance, our products are widely used on trucks, gearbox, transmission, railway motor housing, agricultural machine part, etc. With over two decades of perseverance and dedication in production and total quality management, we have established a long-term loyal customer base in North America, Europe, East Asia, and Mid East. 
    Our core competitiveness edge lies in total customer solutions. By integrating manufacturing with foreign trade sectors, we can provide total customer solutions by guaranteeing the delivery of right products to the right place at the right time, which is supported by our abundant experiences, powerful production capability, consistent quality, diversified product portfolios and the control of the industry trend as well as our mature before and after sales services. We'd like to share our ideas with you and welcome your comments and questions.
    If you need some casting or OEM machined part or aftermarket information, please contact us. Whatever you want & whenever you need, please contact us. We will be pleased to be of service for you and build mutually beneficial and friendly cooperation with you.

    1. 2 lost foam process line  (2 sets pre-expanded machines, 10 sets former machines, 2 sets medium frequency furnace, 2 pouring lines, 1 sand treatment line).  Sand box size: 2000*1500*1000(mm), casting part weight: 20-900kg.

    2. vertical and horizontal lathe  12 sets

    3. Milling machine, planer , drill press , grinder     28 sets.

    4. Spectrometer, coordinate detector , tensile testing machine, metal microscope , ultrasonic flaw detector  

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    ADD:Hubei Shiyan Liuliping     TEL:86-719-5717236

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